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“Missions”… The word has so many different connotations for different people. Some people think of the finances that it takes to fund missions, for others, images of strange and distant lands with “primitive” tribes comes to mind. As important as mission work is, we should never lose sight of the fact that its goal is the Glory of God. Here at New Covenant Church we do not simply believe that missions is part of being a Christian, we believe that missions is a core component of each believer’s worship of God. “The goal of missions is to draw people into the worship of God so that they can rejoice in His greatness” – John Piper.

At New Covenant Church our desire and prayer is that we would be a “beacon” to light the way for you and your family to experience God’s heart for the peoples of the earth.

Our hope is that each member of New Covenant Church will develop a “global perspective” of what God is doing on the Earth. Our goal is for each member to develop a God-sized vision for the world where we are used as His instruments to reach the world with the gospel of Christ. Missions first starts here in Burgaw and continues to the “ends of the earth.” We will all seek to pray for missions as well as to give financially and give of our time to be on mission in Burgaw and around the world to reach the not-yet-reached-peoples of the Earth.

Thank you for your interest in missions at New Covenant Church, and for the privilege of serving you and partnering together to see the Great Commission fulfilled so that we might all be a part of that glorious vision that John saw in heaven of “…a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, standing before the throne, and before the Lamb…” – Rev 7:9

 Where Have We Been?

Our members have been sent out to the far places of the world.  One January we sent a member to the Amazon jungle in its summer and another to Ukraine in its winter– to the far corners in the extremes of weather.  We have sent our pastor to minister in Nigeria, and a team to serve in a Mexican barrio. We have helped other members fulfill mission opportunities in America by working in communities in other states, at a local work camp, at the Wycliffe International center (Dallas, TX), and at JAARS (Waxaw, NC). Our assistant pastor and his wife have served on short-term mission in Cambodia, India, Morrocco, Spain, Bangladesh, Thailand, Burma, and stateside in twenty different states.

Locally, we support Pender County Christian Services, Lifeline Pregnancy Center, Carolina Christian Radio and local prison ministries. We also participate in the annual Life Chain prayer vigil and the Global Day of Prayer.

Our career missionaries serve around the world and in various mission agencies.  We support:

Missions Resources

What follows are some new resources aimed at missionary revival for this generation, some standard great missionary biographies, but in many ways just the tip of the reading iceberg.  To find Mission books, look in University libraries around the state and you’ll find some wonderful old mission books right on the shelves.  Check antique stores with old books. If you like missionary biography, start reading!  One will lead to another.  If you end up with nothing to read, From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya will surely present some missionary that you’ll want to read more about.  In Christian bookstores, if there’s not a Missions category/shelf, try Biography or Evangelism areas. William Carey Library catalog is remarkable. Used books are available for purchase online.


Praying for Missions

Greig, Pete and David Blackwell. 24-7 Prayer Manual:  A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Holy Space in the Real World. (The “how to” set up the prayer rooms discussed in Red Moon Rising).

Greig, Pete and Dave Roberts.  Red Moon Rising:  How 24–7 Prayer is Awakening a Generation (2003).  This book and the Prayer Manual (above) relate the birth and continuing momentum of the global 24/7 prayer movement that mirrors the Moravian 100 year prayer meeting that birthed a mission movement.

Operation China:  Introducing all the Peoples of China. Paul Hattaway.  Daily prayer guide, organized alphabetically by Chinese people group.  No longer in print, but available used. CD-Rom now available.

Operation World:  When We Pray God Works. Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk, 2001 book, rev. 2005.  Daily prayer guide, organized alphabetically by country. Also available online.

Piper, John.  A Hunger for God:  Desiring God through Fasting and Prayer. (1997) God’s presence in prayer and fasting is discussed by Piper.


Introduction to Missions

Piper, John.  Let the Nations Be Glad! 2nd ed. (2003) This book is required missions reading in reference to the relationship of worship and missions.

Piper, JohnDesiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist includes a great chapter on missions: “Missions: The Battle Cry of Christian Hedonism.”

Piper, John.  Don’t Waste Your Life!  God has ways to use you!  Believe it!

Warren, Rick.  The Purpose Driven Life. Discusses 5 purposes; purpose 5 is missions and evangelism.


Missionary Biographies

Aylward, Gladys with Christine Hunter. Gladys Aylward :The Little Woman.  Exciting autobiography of the trials and triumphs of Gladys Aylward is told with humility and yet majesty.

Chevreau, Guy.  We Dance Because We Cannot Fly:  Stories of Redemption from Heroin to Hope. The stories of the way the Lord has used Elliott and Mary Tepper (of Wilmington, NC) and their ministry Betel to deliver thousands of men and women around the world from their addictions into the loving arms of Christ and His church.  Also about Elliott and Mary Tepper and Betel:  Rescue Shop within a Yard of Hell and Sacking the Frontiers of Hell by Stewart and Marie Dinnen.

Christie, Vance.  John and Betty Stam: Missionary Martyrs.   Heroes of the Faith Series.  The moving story of John and Betty Stam who were martyred for the faith in China, 1934, is told.

Davies, Ron.  A Heart for Mission:  Five Pioneer Thinkers (2002) is a short but deep, readable introduction to Jonathan Edwards, Cotton Mather, Richard Baxter, Jan Amos Comenius, and Count Zinzendorf.

Drewery, Mary.  William Carey:  A Biography.  (1978,1981).  An extremely humbling biography of an extremely gifted man from humble beginnings.  What God can do!

Elliot, Elisabeth.  Through Gates of Spendor (1981 edition).  Elisabeth Elliot tells the awe inspiring story of the martyrdom of 5 young missionaries in 1956:  Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Roger Yoderian, and Pete Fleming.  Many other resources about these 5 and their legacy exist:  Unfolding Destinies by Olive Fleming Liefeld and Verne Becker; The Great Omission by Steve Saint; The End of the Spear by Steve Saint (book and movie); Journals of Jim Elliot;  Beyond the Gates of Splendor documentary (2005) and older Through Gates of Splendor video from 1967.

Garlock, H.B. and Ruthanne Garlock.  Before We Kill and Eat You: The Miracles and Adventures of a Pioneer Missionary Couple in Africa .  The autobiographical account of a brave couple in West Africa.

Goforth, Rosalind.  Goforth of China (1937) tells the story of the amazing missionary Jonathan Goforth who went from Canada to China.

Grubb, Norman.  C.T. Studd:  Cricketer and Pioneer.  The powerful story of one of the Cambridge 7 and later the founder of Worldwide Evangelization for Christ (now WEC, International) is told.

Hale, Thomas.  A Light Shines in Central Asia:  A Journey into the Tibetan Buddhist World. (2000). God’s movement of Christians into Central Asia to spread the Gospel with power is illustrated in 19 stories.

Jeffries, Susan H.  Papa Wore No Halo.  The story of David Wells Herring (1858-1940) who left Pender County, NC, to be spend 40 years as a missionary to inland China. Book is out of print, but available at UNCW, New Hanover and Pender Public libraries.

Long, Charles E.  To Vietnam with Love:  The Story of Charlie and EG Long.  This fascinating story of the missionary family to Vietnam during the years 1958 to 1975 is amazing.

Olson, Bruce.  Bruchko. The autobiographical account of author’s life from an atheistic home in Minnesota to the Matilone Indians of Colombia includes his ten months of captivity by communist guerillas in 1988.

Piper, Noel.  Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God.  John Piper’s wife chronicles five great missionary women in this 2005 publication.

Richardson, Don.  Eternity in their Hearts.  The incredible story of 26 cultures shows how God prepared redemptive analogies in them to prepare the people to receive the Gospel. This is the one book I feel compelled to share that I never get back!

Richardson, Don.  Lords of the Earth.  The biographical report of Stanley Albert Dale, World War II veteran, as he and his wife work to evangelize the Yali tribesmen of Irian Jaya.  It shows clearly that God can use imperfect, but zealous, people to spread the Gospel.

Richardson, Don.  Peace Child.  The story, told by the author, of his family’s missionary endeavors with the Sawi people in Irian Jaya from the 1960s on.  Richardson lived the practical application of using God’s revelation of a redemptive analogy to teach the Gospel to a stone-age tribe. Short video is also available.

Shetler, Joanne with Patricia Purvis.  And the Word Came with Power tells the story of Wycliffe translator Joanne Shetler. Video is also available. There are also many great Wycliffe and Cam Townsend books.

Taylor, Dr. and Mrs. Howard.  Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret.  Biographical account of Hudson Taylor’s life lived for God and China was written by his son and daughter-in-law.

Taylor, Mrs. Howard.  Borden of Yale ’09:  The Life that Counts is about William Borden, heir to the Borden dairy fortune, who lived his short life fully dedicated to God.

Tucker, Ruth A. From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya: A Biographical History of Christian Missions.  These 500 + pages of missionary biographies are chronologically arranged; passages are short, interesting, and very readable.  It’s a great resource and place to discover other missionaries you want to read more about.

Yun, Brother with Paul Hattaway.  The Heavenly Man:  The remarkable true story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun.  Many reasons behind the Christian revival in China, in spite of, or perhaps because of, persecution, are evident in this breathtaking retelling of Brother Yun’s life.

Yun, Bother, Peter Xu Yongze, Enoch Wang with Paul Hattaway.  Back to Jerusalem:  Three Chinese House Church Leaders Share Their Vision to Complete the Great Commission.  The vision of the Chinese Church, to send 100,000 missionaries westward from China to Jerusalem without fear that the vision is one that may well require martyrdom, is vividly explained.


Mission Websites

Glimpses of Christian History:  http://chi.gospelcom.net/ has much information about missionaries.

Operation World: http://www.operationworld.org/ online version of the daily prayer book.

The Traveling Team:  Igniting Vision and Passion for the World:  http://www.thetravelingteam.org/?q=node/196 This website has many resources including 100 best missions quotes, great book list, teaching, all with the purpose of mobilizing college students into missions.

US Center for World Missions, of course, contains their resource page that includes several courses that could be used for small group/church study: http://uscwm.org/mobilization_division/resources/resources.html.


Resources in Many Languages

American Bible Society’s website: http://americanbible.org/ includes a store with international Bibles.

Ethnic Harvest website has the Bible in many languages and links to many countries’ Bible societies:  http://www.ethnicharvest.org/bibles/.

The Jesus Film Project site has the film in many languages: http://www.jesusfilm.org/.

United Bible Society: http://www.biblesociety.org/ has links to Bible societies worldwide.

Wycliffe’s SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) Ethnologue: http://www.ethnologue.com/web.asp Gives a listing of languages around the world. (SIL is one facet of Wycliffe Bible Translators.)


Other Resources

One fiction title I have to recommend is Safely Home by Randy Alcorn.

A Great place to Visit with kids/ teens, or to volunteer in Waxhaw, North Carolina (near Charlotte):  JAARS, Jungle Aviation and Radio division of Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Special event Saturdays feature jungle plane and helicopter rides (for a fee, but exciting!): http://www.jaars.org/.

*This bibliography was compiled by Alicia Taylor.



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